Studytrip: From Spaces to Places - London

London is – and always will be – the go to place for retail inspiration. In this vibrant city all elements of exciting retail concepting, and design come together. We make a combination of the stores you cannot miss, but also show you attractive places where food, lifestyle and social meeting comes together.

Lindaupark brings together living, shopping and meeting

JDV is developing a multifunctional community center where living, meeting and shopping come together. A great case to show how different functions reinforce each other. Lindaupark, located in Lindau on Lake Constance, was originally a monofunctional shopping center.

Proud to Present: Naivas Food Market

The first four stores in Nairobi are open and another two are currently being built. The stores have a surface from 2500 to 6000 m2. For the concept we first asked ourself what makes the real and authentic (American) food market. What is the core of this experience. We translated this into a local interpretation but still with all the elements that makes the original food market attractive and engaging.

Sustainable Retail Design

We see a big movement in retail towards sustainability. But the challenges to be sustainable in a market that is driven by low margins, high volume and operational excellence are quite big. And complexity seems to be the enemy of efficiency. But the future is green. Sustainability is no longer a choice but a must. Retail and brands are experimenting with sustainability on different levels: local assortment, reducing waste and energy neutral stores. But what about the retail design? The interior of the store, that area seems still hard to grasp.

Designers Choice 2021: Pall Cafe

Pall Center is known for their great assortment as well in food as in non food and fashion. The Pall Cafe translates the Pall Center brand into a convenience concept. The cafe is located in an area with many offices and is a great place to escape the rush hour. You will find there the high quality and fair food and also the high service level fitting the brand.

Designers Choice 2021: FairPrice Xtra

After the success of Fairprice Xtra VivoCity - the first concept we developed for FairPrice in 2018 - we were asked to develop a second superstore at the Parkway Parade location. The Parkway Parade store is located in a mall and has the social kitchen as its main pillar; we designed the place to be for gastro-integration in the supermarket and extended convenience.

Designers Choice 2021: Bravo Architecture

In 2021, nine architectural projects for Bravo were realized. In the last few years the JDV architecture and design team have worked extensively together with the client and the contractor to realize the next generation of Bravo stand alone projects.

Designers Choice 2021: #Naletu

The second project that our designers like to present is Pyaterochka #Naletu (“On The Flight”). This convenience store is an innovative technology experience lab of the biggest Russian retail chain X5 Retail Group. First Pyaterochka had built the technology that provided customers 24/7 access to the staffless store.

Designers Choice 2021: Fathalla Egypt

Our first 'Designers Choice 2021' is Fathalla in Egypt. Our designers have chosen this project because of the optimistic and ambitious character of the project. It has been a real pleasure working with the professional and commercially experienced Fathalla family and all of this has resulted in a great design and a very commercially successful store.


Retailers and brands have to find their way in rapidly changing world. Knowing that today you cannot make the difference by functionality alone. It's time to really brighten up the worldwide retail landscape after the challenges that we have faced. The market needs an innovative retail design company that understands the dynamics of our new world.

Proud to present: #Naletu (X5 Retail Group), Russia

A new concept in the Multiformat portfolio of X5 Retail Group. In the years we work together X5 Retail Group has developed an intelligent multi strategy providing an answer on every different shopper’s mission. The new store concept - opened in Moscow - in fully automated and very futuristic.

Proud to present: Shell Cafe, The Netherlands

Proud to present: The first Shell Cafe. This concept makes the stop over into an experience to be excited about. A new way of thinking about mobility, energy transition and the fuel station of the future. Not only fueling your car, but fueling yourself with fresh energy.

Proud to present: Fathalla, Egypt

Proud to present: Fathalla, Egypt A very unique store because of the very strong brand identity that connects all the different worlds within the store seamlessly. A great experience. The Egyptian market is very exciting and moving in an enormous speed.


The ‘RIBA plan of work’ is a British project management method that gives an overall structure to guide the architectural, structural and construction process. We find this method, designed in 1963, very useful and we work with it frequently and very successfully. One of the greatest advantages of the RIBA method is its modular character which can be adopted for small jobs, huge projects and everything in between.

Proud to present: Ori Nabiji, Tbilisi, Georgia

Ori Nabiji is a true Georgian retail brand with more than two hundred proximity locations all over the country. In the beautiful city Tbilisi, you will find this new pilot store concept with a value for money proposition. Ori Nabiji differentiates itself by a great knowledge about everyday life of its customers and shows this in the communicative store.

Design Workshop

Do you want to become the leader in design? In our workshop we tell you all about the starting points for successful retail design!

Proud to present: Bravo Superstores

In 2020 - despite all challenges - Bravo has opened another 3 great standalone superstores. We are super proud to be part of the development of the stores and architecture. Inside-out architecture from the perspective of the store experience creates great results!

FairPrice Xtra @ Parkway Parade

The newest FairPrice Xtra has been called: 'A playground for adults'. The newest store is a real food wonderland. The whole store could be seen as five complementary area's: Fresh&Local, Dine in &Fun, World's favorites, Groceries and Home&Beauty Essentials.

PALL Food Market - Luxembourg

Local products are real stars at PALL Food Market! For 38 years, the PALL teams have favored local artisans and have unearthed real pearls among their range of products!

Safari Center, Kenya

What do you need when you are traveling? A safe place where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation, good food and anything you need for your further journey. 'Eat, shop, rest and play'. Good parking, a fuel station, places to play with your children, a good retail and gastronomic offer and of course clean toilets.

Visual Merchandising Taskforce @ Ekoplaza, Rotterdam

Our Visual Merchandising Taskforce visited the fantastic organic Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza. We were invited in Rotterdam to look at the possibility to give their products an even better stage. Visual merchandising does help you to built attractive presentations, create a market feeling and boost sales. Take a look and remember the 'Five Golden Rules'.

Rewe Center, Hamburg

Rewe Center Flagship, Hamburg Rewe launched in november 2020 in Hamburg a totally renewed store concept - together with the great and engaged team of Rewe we had the chance to create a new standard.

Proud to present: Supabarn, Australia

Supabarn, quality fresh foods at highly competitive pricesSupabarn is a family-owned brand, founded in 1991 and currently operates 10 stores. The great distinctive factor is their local and personal approach. They offer their customers the best locally sourced fresh products for highly competitive prices. Supabarn does all the butchering in-store and operates bakeries.

Non Stop Fashion - Vleuterweide

After 10 years at Burchtwal 23, Non Stop Fashion moved to a new store at Burchtplein 5. A beautiful location; from whatever angle you walk through the shopping center, you will pass the new store. JDV designed a characteristic, modern, but above all welcoming store with a warm store design.

Food retail observations by Ernst Consenheim

Besides the dramatic impact of the COVID-19 and all the turbulence the virus has brought, we can see that the retail market has transformed in the last decade at a higher pace than the 50 years before that.

Proud to present: Pabianice Intermarché, Poland

In the new Intermarché store customers will find an updated layout with an extended range of fresh, bio, fit and ready meals products, longer checkout lines and a refreshed interior and façade design and modern in-store communication. 

"European retail focusses to much on the short-term" - Martin Gaber in 'Lebensmittel Zeitung'

The food retailer has been classified as crucial for society and stayed open during the Corona crisis and lockdown. Therefor food retailers have to protect themselves against the potential future  waves of infections, according to Martin Gaber of the Dutch retail design company JDV.

Proud to present: VodafoneZiggo Amsterdam

While Dutch society and economy was slowly opening again, with due pride Vodafone and Ziggo opened their newest combination store at the famous Dutch shopping street ‘de Kalverstraat’ in Amsterdam. A store that is all about connection. The connection between Vodafone and Ziggo, but also between products and services and customer and brands.

Proud to present: Dehner Zoo Flagship Store, Germany

Dehner Gartencenter is one of the leading garden center operators in Germany and Austria. The retailer asked JDV to create a new benchmark for pet lovers. The pet department needed to stand out, show and proof the competence in terms of service, assortment and inspiration. ​

Top 10 for a 'Hygiene Store'

We often get the question how we think the 'virus proof store' will look. Hereby we share our top 10 ideas for a hygiene store. Every store is different, so let's share ideas and see what we can do together. Here are 10 ideas to start the brainstorm.

COVID-19 - An international perspective

Three of our colleagues shed their light on the current situation in their home countries. Chris is living near Amsterdam, Martin in Vienna and Ekaterina in Moscow. What is happening in retail and what are the challenges retailers are facing internationally?

Case study: Alley, a new way of working

Alley is a local Krasnoyarsk (Russia) chain of hypermarkets and is part of the Komandor Group family, operating in the region in three different formats (hypermarket – proximity – soft discounter). In this case study we will show you the result of successful concept development without physical meetings.

Covid-19 - Working the distance

These are strange times and we are all facing challenges. The current situation has impact on all of is. Retailers are currently doing everything to keep the supply chain running. We are extremely grateful for their big effort. We believe the best way to face these challenges is to stand together. It goes without saying that the health of our family, colleagues and relations is our first priority in these times.

Innovation at Euroshop

Anja our Material an Innovation Scout took her time to find out the newest developments at the Euroshop. In this small summary you will find a selection of the best materials and innovations she has found.

Proud to present: The new Pyaterochka

X5 Retail Group has opened the first Pyaterochka supermarket in a new retail network concept. The new concept takes modern trends in design into account, internal architecture and customer expectations that have changed over the past 5 years since the last conceptual update of the distribution network.

Proud to present: Fairprice, Vivocity, Singapore

Fairprice is the leading retailer in Singapore serving more than 600.000 customers per day within it’s network of over 200 stores. The new FairPrice Xtra store has opened its doors in the vibrant Shopping Mall VivoCity in Singapore. The shopping mall is serving both local customers as well as tourists.

The new deltaplan 'Mobility'

Mobility is one of the major challenges of our time. How do we ensure that, now the economy picks up again, we do not get stuck in overcrowded trains and on conjested roads? That is the question that the Dutch Delta Plan 2030 answers on.

Case study: Lagerhaus, the new standard in DIY

The new LAGERHAUS in Korneuburg, Austria demonstrates the new age for compact do-it-yourself stores. With a sales area of not more than 2500 sqm the store offers a broad range of gardening and home improvement articles.

Fiori Style & Toko Baru

Commissioned by real estate developer A.S.R. we have been responsible for the realization of the new re-locations of two separate retailers: flower shop Fiori Style and Indonesian restaurant Toko Castellum. Both location are situated in Castellum Shoppingcenter in Houten.

Orange paper: The future of food retail

Last year we organized our first round table session in our lounge #7. A successful kick-off of a regularly returning get together spearheaded by the latest developments in retails, design and architecture. This session was supported by Bakerstreet, Bulthaup and Samsung Solutions.

Orange Paper: The future of the fuel station

Sharing knowledge is a key aspect of JDV's mantra. This is why we create our patented Orange Papers which dive deeper into subjects we feel are highly relevant for our core business. This Orange Paper details our philsophy on the new way of thinking about fuel stations and its retail.

Case study: Bravo

Delving deeper into one of our bigger project the BRAVO case study highlight some of the unique features and additional locations.