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Proud to present: Naletu, Russia

The second project that our designers like to present is Pyaterochka #Naletu (“On The Flight”). This convenience store is an innovative technology experience lab of the biggest Russian retail chain X5 Retail Group. First Pyaterochka had built the technology that provided customers 24/7 access to the staffless store. It was implemented into the mobile app, by which you can open the door and use extremely convenient Scan&Go program to do your shopping.
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In our series of Designers Choice we highlight the favorite projects of our designers from their creative perspective.

After that, Pyaterochka together with JDV have decided to sharpen the store formula to roll-out the new format chain tells Anastasia Puchina Key account manager and retail expert. We’ve set the strategic vision, proposition, and brand pillars, re-discussed the assortment offer, and, of course, developed the store design concept. Our talented JDV design team, together with young and ambitious team of Pyaterochka #Naletu, created fresh, energetic, trendy formula of the ultimate convenience store. Due to pandemic, all the presentations went on-line but despite we’ve never met in person the project went extremely fast and smooth, JDV and #Naletu team have had a perfect matching “chemistry”.

The first store of 150 square meters sales area in the uplifted concept was opened in the beginning of 2021, in a high-traffic central location near the metro station. The store also has a small mezzanine floor, which is used for sitting area, as a café or even a co-working space. Bright colors, contrast lines, together with trendy moss are creating vigorous ambience. Fresh coffee, orange juice, bakery, ready food solutions and basic first need assortment is serving customer’s need for convenience. Frequent customers, passing by every day, can buy a monthly subscription for unlimited coffee. As an extra experience, you can “print” any picture browsed from your phone right on your coffee foam!