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Proud to present: Pall Cafe, Luxembourg

The Pall Cafe was a really fun challenge. We work together with Pall Center for some time and have developed already a foodmarket. Pall Center is known for their great assortment as well in food as in non food and fashion.
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In our series of Designers Choice we highlight the favorite projects of our designers from their creative perspective.

The Pall Cafe translates the Pall Center brand into a convenience concept. The cafe is located in an area with many offices and is a great place to escape the rush hour. You will find there the high quality and fair food and also the high service level fitting the brand. The concept is mainly food service but there is also a small food retail assortment integrated in the lay out. There is an attractive meal offer, but also great snacks and fantastic wines. We used a combination of natural materials and green colors, but used it in a very sophisticated way to create a very contemporary store design.