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Proud to present: Bravo Architecture, Azerbeidjan

In 2021, nine architectural projects for Bravo were realized. In the last few years the JDV architecture and design team have worked extensively together with the client and the contractor to realize the next generation of Bravo stand alone projects. JDV was responsible for both the architecture and the interior of the projects tells JDV architect Jan Willem van Aardenne.
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In our series of Designers Choice we highlight the favorite projects of our designers from their creative perspective.

The projects ranged from inner city location supermarkets in the Baku region to regional shopping centers like in Sumqayet and Shamkir.  In Baku center two multiple story retail projects anchored by bravo, were realized.  Besides the commercial projects JDV also delivered the design for the 14.000m2 Bravo Distribution center extension in Lokbatan. Each project had its own challenges varying from difficult terrain on steep slopes to building in dense innercity locations. All the projects were developed according to fixed matrixes, this allowed the team to work on the many different project at the same time whereas keeping the quality for each project.

All the buildings have been designed in such a way to optimize the clients convenience, with optimal parking solutions, clear orientation and a sales area with limited columns The facades were developed cost efficiently with sandwich panels in brand enforcing colors. In the entrance areas we have maximized the clients welcoming experience with fully glazed facades combined with wood. Besides the client side we have developed together with Bravo a system how to optimize the operations on the both areas, with ideal positioning of the delivery, technical areas and personnel spaces.