FairPrice Xtra @ Parkway Parade, Singapore

The newest FairPrice Xtra has been called: 'A playground for adults'. The newest store is a real food wonderland. The whole store could be seen as five complementary area's: Fresh&Local, Dine in &Fun, World's favorites, Groceries and Home&Beauty Essentials. You enter the world in the most inspiring and innovative departments. You can find for example a dine-in, but also a gelato shop and cocktail bar in the store.

The reviews have been coming in; and we are very proud. There is no greater compliment for us than customers enjoying the store.

"We dare to say this is probably the best grocery experience that we had."

The Wacky Duo

"If this is the shape of supermarkets to come, then grocery shopping will no longer be a chore to endure with gritted teeth."

The Straits Times

"Combining dining options with a hypermarket like FairPrice Xtra will definitely entice more Marine Paraders to do their grocery runs there. After all, being humans, we can’t say no to good food."

Must share news

"For shoppers looking to spice up their grocery list, look no further than the local actor's latest culinary creations sold at the newly opened FairPrice Xtra on the third floor of Parkway Parade."