In Bern, Migros Aare and JDV developed the shopping mall of the latest generation, with JDV responsible for the total Customer Journey in terms of interior architecture and design. Welle 7 is a unique combination of shopping, gastronomy, business and club school. The center is right next to the very busy main train station in Bern, where more than 150,000 people come every day. The name Welle comes from the six known undulating roofs of the Westbahnhof, where the Urban Center is right next to it.

Welle7 offers the stopover that invites you to enjoy good food in one of the restaurants, work quietly in the offices, learn at the club and shop in the many shops. During the design phase, the SoLoMo concept was our starting point: social, local and mobile. Welle7 adapts to the rhythm of the modern, mobile consumer, with the train station as the logistics hub of every day. There is room for enjoyment, work, learning and of course shopping, all under one roof.