Pall Food Market

The Pall Group is a well-known name in Luxembourg. Under the umbrella-brand there are different concepts. Les Epicerie Pall Center are highly inspirational stores with an organic assortment. There are also restaurants with the name La Brasserie du Paul and we recently developed the Pall Cafe. The newest concept of the group is the Pall Food Market in Steinfort.

The local products are the absolute heroes
of the Pall Food Market.

The Pall team are familiar with all the local artisans and have unearthed real pearls among their range of products. The Pall Food Market is built around a complete assortment of fresh products, directly from the producer, respecting the seasons.

In the 1600 square meter store there is a in-house butchery - of course also working with local products. Also a local bakery offers a range of unique products. In the Pall Café customers can enjoy a moment of calm and indulgence; a relaxing place to enjoy the delicious food and drinks. This all needed to be combined with a very modern and at the same time outspoken design fitting the brand: 'Live at your own rhythm, but eat well!'