Naivas shows leadership with their new supermarket concept, claiming their position in the market.
Naivas is currently the market leader in Kenya. In the new Naivas stores the combination is made between the African heritage and modern retail principles. This mix results in an unique food experience full colours and tastes. The most recently opened store is the Kilimani Foodmarket with 10,000 sqm of experience as centre of the neigbourhood.


In addition to the supermarket concept, JDV also developed a food market for Kenyan Naivas. The first four stores in Nairobi are open and two more are under construction. The shops have an area of 2500 to 6000 m2. For the concept, we wondered what makes a real and authentic (American) food market. What is the core of this experience? We have translated this into a local interpretation, of course, but above all with all the elements that make the original food market attractive and inspiring. We worked with local materials. For example; the wooden coves for the fresh produce department are made from wood chips which are the by-product of the local woodworking industry.




“We are ready to serve our esteemed customers at our new store located at Kilimani Mall. The store offers a variety of fresh produce in additional to ordinary shopping that customers will require on the go."

Willy Kimani, Naivas Chief Commercial Officer

Successful cooperation

We have been working with our African partner Renova in Kenya and this has so far resulted in very successful projects. This co-operation turned out to be a great success from the start - the combination of JDV’s international knowledge and the local Renova team’s know-how has proved a unique way of working. The big idea? Introducing a new way of shopping to the Kenyan market, making it possible for everyone to have a high-quality customer experience. The focus of these shops is a great, fresh experience enhanced by store design which puts the product at the forefront. The smells, the colours and the craftsmanship stimulate all the senses.

Naivas combines gastronomy and shopping for a convenient and extended shopping trip.