Bravo makes shopping easier and above all fun! Bravo works with the best retail experts from all over the world but is primarily a real Azeri company. Thereby Bravo understands the needs of the Azerbaijani customer better than anyone else. Bravo puts an end to the current idea that high quality products have to be expensive. Bravo namely provides the high quality at the lowest price.

JDV was involved in the whole process of the development of the Bravo-brand. From strategy, logo development, and communication, to the actual architectural design of the stores. With as highlight the Flagship Store in Baku.


To enable the Azeri families and to respond to their different shopping needs, JDV and Bravo developed a multi format store portfolio. Supermarkets for convenient fresh daily shopping, superstores for a weekly extended food inspiration and hypermarkets for the monthly full shopping experience. The Flagship Store is the icing on the cake; showing the Bravo brand in its full potential.


For Bravo JDV developed a strong brand identity for all layers of communication: branding, information, inspiration, and activation. The honey well, which is a strong element within the Bravo brand, is recognisable in the architecture, on the store floor and even in packaging. The big advantage of a holistic approach is that these brand elements are coming back in every building block of the brand.


Shopping at Bravo is really fun! There is plenty to do and to see. You can see people picking up lunch and thanks to the fast checkouts, quickly go on with their busy day, children don’t know where to look in the colourful sweets department and you will find all the big brands at the cosmetic department. But we are mostly proud of the fresh departments. It is a supermarket where you will get hungry. The colours of the fresh fruit from all over the world and the smell of freshly baked bread. Everywhere you will find the staff of Bravo preparing fresh products.



At the end 2015, after the success of the concept and design for the Bravo Retail Concepts, we were also asked to pitch for the architectural design for the Flagship Store. A challenge we gladly accepted because we believe in ‘inside-out architecture’. When all manifestations of a brand tell one consistent brand story, all the puzzle pieces fall into place, from the layout structure to the store design. The circle is complete when the exterior of the store matches the interior. After an exciting process our design was chosen by a jury of the highest level. After a building period of almost 36 months the grand opening of the building was a fact.