Proud to present: New Vodafone and Ziggo Store in Amsterdam


While Dutch society and economy was slowly opening again, with due pride Vodafone and Ziggo opened their newest combination store at the famous Dutch shopping street ‘de Kalverstraat’ in Amsterdam. A store that is all about connection. The connection between Vodafone and Ziggo, but also between products and services and customer and brands. The store shows the great benefits of connecting the two brands. 

We are very proud on the result and congratulate the entire team. In this store you will find the two brands combined in a way that is very unique. The Kalverstraat is the busiest shopping street of the Netherlands and all the big brands are represented there. That’s why we put extra attention to the urban design and inviting entree. The light industrial theme is welcoming and very contemporary. Firstly, customers will find excellent service and personal advice. Secondly, customers can experience the enjoyment and innovation that Vodafone and Ziggo services and products have to offer. The store is differentiating in the sense that it welcomes you to stay longer and relax, for example in the back of the store where customers find a ‘cinema area’ to enjoy themselves checking out the newest gadgets and services of Vodafone and Ziggo. 

The brands Vodafone and Ziggo are brought together in this concept like two even parts, but in the store,  you will experience that the sum is more than its parts. In this store customers can experience the added value of the combination.

The new store in Amsterdam is based on the earlier developed store concept in Utrecht.

With as highlights:

  • Innovative facade, fitting the context of the famous Kalverstraat
  • Top 10 presentation with projection technology
  • Live demonstration of Ziggo products
  • Digital communication – from sales to pricing
  • Prepaid desk for foreign tourists
  • Ziggo experience space with cinema look
  • Robot Pepper to welcome customers


Do you like to visit this store?

Kalverstraat 60-62
1012 PG Amsterdam