X5 Retail Group has opened the first Pyaterochka supermarket in a new retail network concept. A shop with 360 sqm. and an assortment of about 5,000 products is located in Moscow on Malaya Filevskaya street, 14, building.2.

The new concept takes modern trends in design into account, internal architecture and customer expectations that have changed over the past 5 years since the last conceptual update of the distribution network. At the same time, the emphasis on low prices was maintained. Work on creating the concept began a year ago, this spring several stores were opened to test new elements, and by the beginning of September it was approved. By the end of this year Pyaterochka plans to open six more stores in a new concept in Moscow and the Moscow Region, as well as optimize the process of supplying new materials and equipment. Starting from 2020, the new concept will be gradually applied to all new and reconstructed stores.

“In the new concept, we embodied our idea of ​​what a convenience store should be like today to make better the lives of everyone who lives nearby and works in it. We hope that a more ergonomic internal architecture, user-friendly design and a new level of fresh produce at the same low prices will create a really pleasant atmosphere in the store and will bring pleasure to shopping,”comments Sergey Goncharov, general director of the Pyaterochka retail chain.

Changes in the assortment reflect a special focus on fresh produce: the fresh category almost doubled and occupied about half of the sales area - 150 sq. M.m, the laying out of fruits and vegetables and some products with short expiration dates are organized at the "fresh arena". At the same time, the new Pyaterochka presents a large assortment of finished products (ready-to-go and ready-to-eat) - more than 80 items, as well as a separate area with coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice, where you can also charge gadgets. The own bakery located directly in the store allowed expanding the range of fresh bakery products to 40 positions, while the baking department was located in the center of the trading floor.

Natural materials were used in the interior and exterior design and warm colors prevailed, navigation became simpler, and the lighting concept involves both directional light in some departments, for example, in fruits and vegetables, and ambient light lamps in the cash register to create a cozy atmosphere.Trading space and navigation are organized to ensure maximum convenience, taking into account the basic needs of the store guests and their shopping missions.

For example, to make a quick purchase of fresh or finished products, you do not need to go around the entire trading floor - these categories are presented near the entrance. In turn, goods, usually purchased for future use, are located around the perimeter of the trading floor and arranged according to the adjacency principle. A “seasonal zone” also appeared in the store, where the assortment is updated once every two weeks depending on the time of year, the nearest holidays, etc. The new Pyaterochka is equipped with electronic price tags and five self-service cash desks, which increases the efficiency of the outlet. Office rooms have become more convenient and ergonomic.

As part of the philosophy of sustainable development, Pyaterochka is actively piloting various environmental initiatives. In particular, shopping baskets made from recycled plastic are used for the first time in the new store. Reusable bags for products are also presented and a fandomat is installed - a special apparatus where you can hand in plastic and aluminum containers for subsequent processing.


Pyaterochka plans to open six more stores in a new concept in Moscow and the Moscow Region