A new location for Non Stop Fashion in Centrum Vleuterweide

After 10 years at Burchtwal 23, Non Stop Fashion moved to a new store at Burchtplein 5. A beautiful location; from whatever angle you walk through the shopping center, you will pass the new store. JDV designed a characteristic, modern, but above all welcoming store with a warm store design.

New store design
The entrance was moved so that you can enter the new store in the most beautiful place. On your left you will find the women's clothing, on the right the men's. The store has an open ceiling of no less than four meters high. In the design you will find a combination of cool and warm materials; blue metal, wood and stone. The store has beautiful natural light and large windows. A real eye-catcher is the outspoken white and black floor.

About Non Stop Fashion
This fashion store has been a household name since the opening of the Vleuterweide shopping center. The Non Stop team will of course also move to the new location. A new store, with the familiar faces. At Non Stop Fashion you will find well-known brands such as Opus, Geisha, VeroModa, PME and Vanguard to more exclusive brands such as Zizo and No Excess. The store in Vleuterweide is one of the six Non Stop Fashion stores.