Proud to present: Pabianice Intermarché, Poland

In the new Intermarché store customers will find an updated layout with an extended range of fresh, bio, fit and ready meals products, longer checkout lines and a refreshed interior and façade design and modern in-store communication. 

We congratulate the whole team with the updated Intermarché supermarket in Pabianice. The innovative concept used in this store is closely responding to the customer needs and expectations of today . The comparative research that the Indago agency conducted in December 2019 and June this year shows that 97 percent of the customers positively react to the changes introduced in the supermarket in Pabianice. The greatest increase in satisfaction was recorded in 4 aspects: the design and layout of the store; the modernity of the concept and the freshness and quality of products. A lot of the customers also mentioned that they especially appreciated the smaller queues at the checkouts and in the tradition section.

Store design
There is now a fresh market zone near the entrance to the supermarket in Pabianice. It offers, among others: bread, confectionery, vegetables and fruit, cheese, cold cuts, meat, fish and delicatessen products. As an answer to customer needs, some of these products - for example cold cuts, meat and cheese - can be purchased both in traditional way, as well as in the form of excellent self service: ready-made, freshly packed portions, which in turn prevents possible queuing. Customers will find new equipment  and displays  in the fruit and vegetable zone, such as an automatic squeezer of fresh orange juice. And in the bakery department, a self-service slicer is waiting for customers to be used. Moreover, as part of the remodeling of the sales area, the refrigeration equipment with frozen products was moved closer to the cash registers. Thanks to this, customers can put them in the basket immediately before going to the checkout. The cash registers were also replaced with new ones, they now have longer surfaces and a special place for foil bags and carrier bags.

The store has special places for culinary inspiration for its customers, as well as clear sections with a promotional and seasonal offer. The new supermarket also has a wider range of ecological and bio products and articles intended for active people who care about healthy eating. New products are also found in the world cuisines, dairy and drinks sections. The offer of products from our own smokehouse and the selection of ready meals is also expanded. In line with customers' needs, the store now also offers cut and potted flowers.

Intermarche Drive - a new service offered to customers
From June 5, the store also offers an e-commerce service - Intermarché Drive. It allows you to order products online and collect them in a specially designated area in front of the supermarket. When placing an order, the customer chooses a convenient time for collecting the purchases.



The Intermarché store in Pabianice has gained a completely new image thanks to the new concept. Freshness has been leading in the concept development and where freshness is broader than just the quality of products. We want to provide customers with a positive shopping experience. Thanks to the conducted research, we know that customers visit grocery stores several times a week, and fresh products are a dominant position on their shopping list. That is why all categories fresh in Pabianice Intermarché are now available immediately after entering the store. It is a response to the needs of customers who want to shop efficiently and comfortably.

Benjamin Ferte, member of the Intermarché Commercial Directorate