Every retailer knows. Everything can change in a second.
What about a financial crisis, an oil crisis, sanctions, new discount,
green deals, internet shopping, price wars,
pandemics …
and on and on and on …


Everyone is desperately looking for answers. Could retailers have prepared for a situation like this? That is why JDV started the JDV taskforce ‘future proof’ to look into these questions and see how we help retailers to respond to the ‘disrupted new normal’. The team used the proven methodology of scenario planning and translated it into a method useful for retail and covid-related challenges. In the two-day workshop we will introduce the method of scenario planning adjusted to retail and modelled to give direction to your retail strategy for ‘the new normal’ and to manage uncertainties and always be one step ahead of your competitors. Creating grip on and for all project teams in co-operation with dedicated specialists that help you to know how you act, look, talk and what to offer in a relevant way. The perfect starting point for future proof concept development and design.

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We believe in sharing knowledge. That’s how ten books ago the tradition started. Ten years later the JDV books have become must-reads in the retail branche. From CEO to student, everything you need to know about concepts, design and architecture can be found in our books.

We strongly believe retailers and brands should reconsider the role of the store in responding to changing society and staying relevant in the future. There is a need for a new vision on the physical space. In our book we challenge you to rethink the traditional space and envision the future space. In a ‘digital first world’ the store has to find its new role. The unique added value to stay relevant. Join us in our journey from spaces to places and we will search for the new meaning of space. And as always, we do not only tell you why, but also how to achieve your goal and show you some great examples of our recent international projects. This new way of looking at space provides the means to create an extended store experience that tells a story and stand out in the entire customer journey.

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