Working the distance

These are strange times and we are all facing challenges. The current situation has impact on all of is. Retailers are currently doing everything to keep the supply chain running. We are extremely grateful for their big effort. We believe the best way to face these challenges is to stand together. It goes without saying that the health of our family, colleagues and relations is our first priority in these times.

Keeping up with our creative and qualitative standards
All our employees will work from home and we will honor all international safety guidelines. We have arranged all the facilities for our employees and therefor keep up with all agreements made, in the manner that you are used to from us.

We already have years of experience in working all over the world. This means that working ‘the distance’ is a second nature for us. An expertise that helps us battling current challenges.

How does our process look?
We plan regular meetings using conference software such as ‘Microsoft Teams’ or ‘Skype for Business’. If your company uses another service, we are glad to work with that as well. We have done great investments in our technical infrastructure. Apart from the scheduled meetings we are available on demand via (mobile) phone, e-mail and also via WhatsApp. You will find that answering quickly on your need is for us of the greatest importance.

We will soon show some case studies about our way of working. We recently designed the Russian chain Alley with great success, without physical meetings.
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Let’s keep in (digital) touch.