Retailers and brands have to find their way in rapidly changing world. Knowing that today you cannot make the difference by functionality alone. It's time to really brighten up the worldwide retail landscape. The market needs an innovative retail design company that understands the dynamics of our new world. That’s why the company Schweitzer was looking for retail talent to create an international leading network of talent and expertise.

We are pleased to announce that in the early summer of 2021 the family holding Schweitzer-021, based in Naturns, Italy and represented by Bernhard Schweitzer, has acquired a major stake in the Dutch company JosDeVries International B.V. represented by Christiaan Rikkers. JosDeVries international is the holding of the leading international retail design agency JDV.

JDV offers concept, design, and architecture to strong international brands as well as innovative local heroes from studios in Maarssen, Moscow and Munich employing around 30 retail designers and architects.

The acquisition will have no impact on the position of JDV in the market. The agency will keep operating as an independent creative design partner for retail organizations. On a creative level JDV will work next to Schweitzer’s connected well-known design agency INTERSTORE, sharing an innovative and creative vision on retail design and will occasionally also team-up to create leading worldwide flagships together.

This co-operation – with as main objective the sharing of talent and expertise - will create one of the strongest international retail design platforms run by the worlds most experienced retail designers in a network of united creative offices worldwide.

From the beginning of 2022 JDV will be represented on the DACH market by the team of Interstore-Schweitzer. In Russia JDV’s specialists’ team will additionally represent the Interstore-Schweitzer company. Worldwide each company will operate over its own network. In the coming period it is most likely that more iconic retail agency’s will be added to this leading network.

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