Welle 7

Project location:
Bern, Switzerland

Project type:
Urban Center

Project kind:
Shopping centre / Urban Center



The aim was to transform the Post Parc building next to the Welle-trainstation in to a state-of-the-art shopping center. Welle 7 will form a stopover between home and office, home and school or home and another destination. A stopover that invites one to enjoy a delicious meal in one of the restaurants, to work in the tranquil environment of one of the offices, to learn in the Klubschule or to go shopping in the many shops


The shopping centre’s relevance is augmented through the assimilation of additional functions. The gastronomic function will offer meeting places where the guest can enjoy freshly prepared meals and drinks, accompanied by grab & go concepts. Five floors are reserved for business and education, with one floor entirely devoted to the Migros Klubschule. Further, the centre’s business units are to be leased as locations for meetings and flexwork .


  • Click and Collect Lounge
  • Businesscenter with flexible workunits
  • Supermarket and stores
  • Restaurants and grab and go concepts
  • Migros Klubshule
  • Home delivery services
  • Kinderland 

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