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In travel retail, Capi has become a leading player in the electronics category, with a strong presence in Europe and other parts of the world, including Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Having been acquired by B&S Group in 2012, the parent company’s retail activities have now been placed in one division, which is responsible for the next phase of retail development.

Capi has leveraged its experience in electronics and joined forces with JDV to create a new multi-category duty free concept, which has been designed specifically for regional airports.


The overall retail concept is based on three principles that increase travellers’ comfort levels and decrease stress: allure, accessibility and local connections. Allure means the store should appeal to and excite leisure travellers, bearing in mind some of those may only travel once or twice a year.


The layout of the store encourages exploration, with categories to be discovered on both sides. The light stone floor does not divide areas, making it easy to go between different departments.

The new concept takes into consideration the passenger profile at Eindhoven Airport, and crucially, the amount of dwell time passengers have.

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