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The Krasnoyarsk network "Komandor" has about 40 neighborhood stores with different retail space and proportionally compressed assortment. The network is part of the holding company and has been operating on the market for a long time, it has its loyal customer. "Komandor " in the neighborhood store format needed an evolutionary reformatting and the allocation of anchors and competitive advantages.


During the strategic session together with the "Komandor " we selected the main anchors of the brand - choice in price, confidence in freshness and quality, local new optimism. Our joint goal is to achieve customer confidence, to be as transparent as possible, to close local needs and establish constant communication, both online and offline.


The approved strategy was reflected in the planning. In graphic design, the strategy is also reflected. The basic rate is local farmers who supply fresh products. To do this, the pictures of real farmers are used in graphic communications. To be comfortable, "Komandor" provides ready-made solutions and products. After reformatting, it became "native" - has its own history, loyalty program and specific products needed by local residents.

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