Edeka Fanderl

Project location:
Germany, Ingolstadt, Liegnitzerstrasse

Project type:

Project kind:
Food / Superstore



Seducing the customer to spend his money on daily foodservice and groceries.


By creating a destination center. Time spending in this store is a live style experience. The design gives a typical art market feeling. The graphics as well as the follow up of the departments makes it something unique.
Fresh, dry and ready to eat divides the store into 3 zones. The customer get’s inspired to use his imagination about quality food preparation. 


Fresh food preparation is in front of the customer and you will find a live cook in a world of ingredients and steaming pans.
The store is a mix of fresh departments with a numerous choice of quality assortment. The contrast between fresh and dry groceries is meant to be.

As a modern concept should be, Edeka Fanderl Café is offering “ready to eat”. The customer can choose at different times of the day, freshly prepared food. The concept is reflecting the dedication of Edeka Fanderl to serve and sell fresh food. 


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