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Askona regularly conducts customer research and knows exactly how the target audience lives and their needs. Good sleeping is an investment in health and half the success of the next day. This idea is shared by an increasing number of Russians. It is relevant for buyers to be in need of help in creating a single bedroom style, planning space, and to have an opportunity to buy everything in one place.


The concept of the Askona flagship store in Afimoll shopping center was developed in collaboration with the Ascona team and the JosdeVries The Retail Company. The flagship is the new Askona experience store.

The main goal was to change the impressions and feelings of customers when visiting a new store to improve the emotional perception of the brand. The familiar open space of the store has now become partly zoned: each product category is represented in its own room with individual design, color and clear classification.


The concept involves the main global trends to simple solutions, direct and simple communication, the principle of “less is more”; warm interior and materials that create the homely atmosphere.

The flagship store highlights the zone of innovations smart bed and smart pillow; online ordering via touch screens. Askona offers a full customer journey - before (online), during - (physical sales and online) and after purchase (online). Touchscreens are also an opportunity to demonstrate solutions and models in the sales area, to tell about numerous innovations, which Askona is famous for.


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