In the VodafoneZiggo store the two brands tell their story together. They show how they together are greater than the sum of the parts.

VodafoneZiggo Utrecht 

The flagship store is located under the future head office of VodafoneZiggo. It is a unique concept where the brands tell their story together. A great challenge: a store design where both brand stories are told. The main objective is to show the both brands come together without the feeling of a shop-in-shop-concept. And in this way show the customer the added value of the combination of Vodafone and Ziggo. The result is a interactive store where customers can experience how products and services make life more fun and more easy. Take a step in the future and discover the latest innovations and applications in the new Flagship Store.

In addition to the two brands, the store consists of two different moments, namely in-home and outdoor. Outdoor and in-home are designed to be open and accessible so that the customer can experience how the services of the two brands come together in a clear customer journey through the flagship store. The open ceiling gives the room an industrial and modern look, the floor finishing, interior design and choice of materials make the store warm and accessible.


VodafoneZiggo Amsterdam

With due pride Vodafone and Ziggo opened their newest combination store at the famous Dutch shopping street ‘de Kalverstraat’ in Amsterdam. A store that is all about connection. The connection between Vodafone and Ziggo, but also between products and services and customer and brands. The store shows the great benefits of connecting the two brands. 

In this store you will find the two brands combined in a way that is very unique. The Kalverstraat is the busiest shopping street of the Netherlands and all the big brands are represented there. That’s why we put extra attention to the urban design and inviting entree. The light industrial theme is welcoming and very contemporary. Firstly, customers will find excellent service and personal advice. Secondly, customers can experience the enjoyment and innovation that Vodafone and Ziggo services and products have to offer. The store is differentiating in the sense that it welcomes you to stay longer and relax, for example in the back of the store where customers find a ‘cinema area’ to enjoy themselves checking out the newest gadgets and services of Vodafone and Ziggo.