X5 Retail Group is the market leading multiformat retail company in Russia, has opened the first pilot supermarket "Perekrestok" with elements of a new concept. The store located on 7, Tallinskaya Street, Moscow, has most of the innovations that will become the basis of the new Perekrestok concept. By the end of the year, the chain plans to open several more stores to test various ideas. According to the results of the pilots and a comprehensive analysis, a new supermarket concept will be formed.

The trading network continues to actively monitor and constantly analyze the needs and moods of customers. In line with those trends, Perekrestok seeks to develop “emotional” stores that meets the customers' request for frequent purchase of fresh produce and ready-to-eat convenient range. Half of the 2,000 thousand square meters of the store in the new supermarket is occupied by the fresh zone, it presents both a wide range of vegetables and fruits, as well as a coolers with cheeses and meat gastronomy, a special chamber with half-corpse meat, a counter with fresh fish and meat, as well as a salad bar, a bakery and a Cafe. This area is designed in an emotionally inspiring style with accent lighting and hanging structures.

For the convenience of visitors in the new Perekrestok there are two shopping paths: short and long. The first consists of a zone with vegetables and fruits, a salad bar, cooking, a cafe and a bakery. This allows shoppers aiming for a quick purchase of ready-made food or fresh produce to optimize the time spent in the store. Though, the long route passes along the perimeter of the sales area through departments with fish, meat, delicacies, dairy products, groceries, drinks, and related products. It is designed so as not to leave grey areas, due to the competent location of the “magnet” categories which are in the highest demand among the shoppers.

In the interior decoration and design, the continuity with the current branding is taken care of: the existing color schemes of the departments, the predominance of light shades. At the same time, the approach to the lighting of various zones and the color temperature of lighting in the departments was updated. In addition, fruits and vegetables, a cafe, departments with fish and meat, bakery, wine and alcohol range are emphasized with light. This light plan attracts attention and changes the general perception into more quality.