We all know that the market of mobility is quickly changing. And so is the role of the fuel station. Shell is aware of this. They want to reinvent their fuel stations with as focus point the future shop. Because these shops have great locations to bring convenient fresh solutions close to home or on the move. This is why we developed, in cooperation with Deli by Shell, two formats: highway and non highway



From the entrance the full overview to freshness and hospitality is overwhelming. The counter starts with a coffee bar section designed in a homey atmosphere. All food preparations and presentations are on eye level. The store design and the wooden touch of the counter in combination with the appealing and relaxed seating area embrace the intended foody and hospitality feeling.


Non highway

At the counter all preparations and presentations of food products are on eye level. The coffee section enforces the small pleasure appeal. The wooden instore touch creates a warm proximity atmosphere completely differentiating from the standard gas station. Last but not least, the digital screen and graphic communication panel contribute to the perception of a contemporary fresh food convenience store concept.