Alley is a local Krasnoyarsk (Russia) chain of hypermarkets and is part of the Komandor Group family, operating in the region in three different formats (hypermarket – proximity – soft discounter). In 2015 JDV partnered with the group to create a new proximity store approach. The project was successful for years. Recently the situation in the region changed dramatically when federal chains joined the local market. Therefor there was a need to rethink the current format. Starting with the improvement of their own unique identity, looking less corporate and reflecting their main values: “choice in price”, “trust in quality”, and “local optimism” to their customers.

Time limitations did made it impossible to meet in person, so it was mutually decided to set purely digital process. This was not the first time, but anyway very educational, to work completely in the digital space. The receipt of success ‘working the distance’ is deep involvement into the process from both sides.

In our approach we followed the “from design into action” principle. Each step was made in constant cooperation of the Alley and JDV teams using all available communication tools: skype, conference calls, even WhatsApp consultations. Every concept decision was instantly shared and approved by Alley team in terms of realisation with immediate feedback to JDV.

Smart design solutions made simple standard materials look sophisticated and interesting. The store got a playful look, the rhythm and dynamics were supported by surprising floor tiling and massive navigation. Non-conventional colour choices allowed to unite several departments under one colour.

Along with the Alley strong price communication that Alley is known for the customers now first see the café and fresh departments, setting the instore atmosphere and highlighting the quality of products. The launch of the pilot was super successful, as both loyal and new customers appreciated Alley’s new approach to their stores.

The receipt of successfull ‘working the distance’ is deep involvement into the process from both sides.