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London Street Food and Lifestyle Tour

In the vibrant city London all elements of exciting retail concepting and design come together. In this tour we visit a combination of the stores you cannot miss, but also show you attractive places where food, lifestyle and social meeting come together. In other words: spaces that have become places. In London you can see how food, lifestyle, art, fashion and shopping blend together. How every place can be united and more than the sum of its parts by strong branding and an umbrella-concept.

In a two-day trip we shower you with inspiration and give you a taste of everything modern retail has to offer.


“I was a participant in the inspirational trip organized by JDV in 2022, and I genuinely enjoyed it. Everything was well organized and taken care of. I was accompanied by my colleague Hans Ravensbergen. We were able to establish many new contacts and lay the groundwork for potential collaborations. The atmosphere within the group was very open and collegial. As a highlight, I would like to mention the visit to the cashierless stores of Amazon and Tesco. We will definitely be happy to go on another trip with the JDV team.”

Bernhard Vis.

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