Bravo brings innovative retail standards to Azerbaijan

In 2020 - despite all challenges - Bravo has opened another 3 great standalone superstores. We are super proud to be part of the development of the stores and architecture. Inside-out architecture from the perspective of the store experience creates great results! It is always a pleasure to work together with the ambitious Bravo teams. This year we aim to open more great stores.

Proud to present: Road to Razin, Oazis and Yeni Gunashli.

Road to Razin

The Road to Razin project contains a Bravo Superstore with easy acces from the top parking deck, a lower level with multipe big shops and a basement level with the lower parking deck. Customers can navigate through the mall easily by the travelators which are positioned at the front fa├žade with a beautiful view on the nearby park. On the upper parking deck there is an outside elevator, creating easy access from the residential area on the hill above. This location will become a hub for the area, for shopping and fun!


Yeni Gunashli

The Yeni Gunashli superstore is located in the outer region of Baku. It is the most challenging plot we have dealt with until now. The narrow triangular shape with height level differences of over 8 - 10 meter was a real challenge! We created a project with 3 levels, a ground floor parking deck with logistics on the side, the first floor with the Bravo superstore and the second floor with the upper parking deck. Connecting to the higher side of the plot. We were able to realize a commercial and customer friendly plan on this challenging piece of land!


The Oasis superstore is located in the dense urban area of Baku. Between residential areas and vibrant city life this store offers the perfect complete shopping experience. The plot lays at the intersection of two important roads and has easy accessibility to the front parking. There is a gallery with a variety of tenants creating a full service location. The flat and rectangular plot allowed us to plan an efficient and straight forward architecture. However we had to challenge ourselves to optimize the parking. We managed to include the requested drive through for one of the tenants and were able to retain most of the existing trees.