The Euroshop is the moment to take a look into the future of retail together. The last three years made clear that we all have to be ready for the expected and unexpected future. The world is changing and so are we.

We invite you on our stand for a creative brainstorm. What about the lay-out of the future; more fresh and no cash desks? What story do you want to tell and how does that translate into your store design when it comes to branding, (sustainable) materials, communication and even architecture? How do you combine price aggressiveness with an inspiring food wonderland?  And what about food service integration? Our role as retail designers is to use our creativity and inspire by new answers for the changing customers’ needs. It is all about finding your unique answer on convenience (time), price pressure (money) and value creation (touch) in an integrated concept. In this way we design successful, lasting and innovative formats for the future together.

We hope to get together and talk about your future plans. And show you some practical examples and our best practises where the best customer experience led to an increase of revenue that exceeded all expectations. In short, your unique customer experience will secure your positioning in a competitive playfield. 

Shoppers' missions

Explore your unique answer on the shoppers' missions:

Time: the easiest and most convenient shoppers experience in the middle of daily life

Money: enforce your competitive power by a strong and activating price message

Touch: extend the customer experience and create a real food wonderland by a authentic story, innovative concepts and inspiring visual merchandising

The lay-out of the future

Find out more about all our new ideas about the lay-out of the future. How do the shoppers' missions time, money, and touch translate to the store floor? But also, because of innovation in technology the number of cash outs are rapidly decreasing. The 'just walk out'-technology has great impact on the lay-out. We will show you new ideas to create a smooth shopping trip and use this new space in the most relevant way.

VPI Scan - Visual Performance Indicators

How can you quickly improve your store experience? We will show you on our stand! Think about: Lay out optimalisation, fitting your customers mission. Visual Merchandising, simple solutions to create volume that seduces and Instore-communication, with focus on activation and storytelling.

Green, lean and meanstream

Be realistic and ambitious about sustainability. Based on your ambition level we will quite you to the possibilities of sustainable design with our be-leaf system.

  • Zero Landfill: minimised waste at production, durable during use and decomposable after use
  • Healthy places nurturing to people and nature: places that are have a positive impact on people by following the human touch
  • Energy positive services: in production, use and decomposition
  • Continued functionality: continuously relevant, upgradable and adaptive



The same consumer has different needs at different times. The same person may need TIME, the convenience of quick shopping and convenience products on a busy day. At another time, the need for the right price – MONEY – is the dominant mission. It’s the end of the month and expenses have once again outpaced income. When friends or family come over for dinner, the same consumer may be looking for that ultimate fresh experience or need products with a good story. It is about finding the right balance between TIME, MONEY and TOUCH and offering the right answer at the right time.