Edeka in Braunschweig – unique, clear and fresh

maandag 14 december 2015

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Edeka in Braunschweig – unique, clear and fresh

At the end of November EDEKA MINDEN opened a new Flagship store. This
brand new E-center is located in Braunschweigs recently opened shopping centre BraWoPark.

In this new flagship store of 6.000 square metres Edeka realised a new concept for the local needs and also everything modern customers might dream of.

Locally produced products are added to the assortment. And to service the
local businesses Edeka opened a Gastronomy department, which focuses specially on the people working in the area. 

This store has it all: abundant fresh, wide assortment and with high service. When entering the store you will first see the extended fruits and vegetables department including convenience solutions, exotic products and new concepts like pick and mix your own tomatoes.

Further into the store you will find the breakfast department and the Instore-Cafe with relaxing seating possibilities. A clear and modern atmosphere with strong navigation and it¹s own identity. Everything a flagship store needs.

The freshness areas such as delicatessen, cheese and meat offer something for every customer. Wide and deep in the selection, pre-packed or in operation - depending on your taste and need of the customer.

A comprehensive wine department - unique in design, yet perfectly matching the
overall atmosphere ­ this department completes the picture of the total

Overall a fantastic market, which not only covers the current all customer needs, but exceeds them.

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